GTAC Liveblog: Advances in Automated Software Testing Technologies by Elfriede Dustin and Marcus Bloch

Based on the session abstract, these two really are trying to automate everything:  testcases, testdata, traceability matrices(um, what is that), compare utilities, log parsers. 

 I googled Interface Design Language and found nothing


 Count o’ software tools mentioned: 19

What is meant by automated software testing?  Using software to implement testing is applied throughout software testing lifecycle.  “Software Testing is the Stepchild of Innovation”  Companies focus on research and development but not how to test it.  James Whittiker has also mentioned this on his blog.  

They used hardware testing as a paradigm for automating testing.  

Component reuse, Autonomous computing, self-testable components they want to create a header that will generate a test.  

Component Reuse:  looked at sites and .  They also like the idea of libraries of components for tests

Autonomous computing:  self-protection, self-healing.  IBM is also researching this, google has implemented.  Automate the automation: test generators, log file analyzers, Fireeye, 

Staf, stax – available open source software test automation engine.  testcase distribution and execution.  

Automated test data generator – Fireeye allows all types of combinations of test paramters


Test Vector Generator

Automated Test Case generation: lots of papers but only vendor specific products.  She is developing an open source test case generator.  

Software Interface Test Code: provides glue be/t interface code and test framework.  

test case code, have testcases in standard format w/ csv parser

Test case generation tools: Antlr, Stringtemplate, jaxbe

start with a spreadsheet that gets translated to xml.  Use jaxb to parse the xml file and create java code using stringtemplate allows for definition of template to define output. template goes through java and a java test is built.  

They are saying this is 70% reduction in effort for testcase generation.  They had a demo which showed the basics of the system they are designing.  It’s mostly java based and started with a testcase in a spread sheet.  I’ll be honest, they lost me after they showed the their testcase object in java.  I’m also questioning what they mean by testcase.  Their system seems very promising.  

I like that they are emphasizing open source tools.  They started their research process by assessing which areas of test automation are already being handled by open source tools.  ooh…just mentioned Bugzilla. 

Eggplant R/P, VNC Robot, Quality Center, IBM Rational 

for their system also used Rich Client Platform, Postgres, Hibernate, Apache POI, Eclipse, Subversion

Q:  comments in code generation were conflicting.  what if someone edits a test while someone else is generating it?

A:  Testcases should go through review.  Testcases will be static.  

Q: have you conidered run-time automation instead of static generation? 

A: yes

Q: test parameters are in spreadsheet then generate testcode could write library for parameters

A  in message based testing no forehand knowledge of customer’s data structure, so because of changing data structure could not generate library.  


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